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jQuery Mobile – Programatically Changing (and Refreshing) Button Icons

I started working with jQuery Mobile and ran into a problem that took me some time to figure out. I have a button with an icon and I want to change that icon programatically every time the button is pressed. After searching the internet, I finally pieced together a solution that worked. I am currently using jQuery Mobile 1.0 RC2.

In the HTML, define your button:
<a href="javascript:changeIcon()" id="changeIconButton" data-role="button" data-icon="delete">Change My Icon</a>
In the JavaScript create your function:
function changeIcon() { 
   $("#changeIconButton").data('icon', 'check'); 
   $("#changeIconButton .ui-icon").addClass("ui-icon-check").removeClass("ui-icon-delete"); 

In this case the icon is being changed from a “delete” icon into a “check” icon when the button is pressed. The icon is also refreshed.

Currently you can use the following icon types:

  • Left arrow – “ui-icon-arrow-l”
  • Right arrow – “ui-icon-arrow-r”
  • Up arrow – “ui-icon-arrow-u”
  • Down arrow – “ui-icon-arrow-d”
  • Delete – “ui-icon-delete”
  • Plus – “ui-icon-plus”
  • Minus – “ui-icon-minus”
  • Check – “ui-icon-check”
  • Gear – “ui-icon-gear”
  • Refresh – “data-iconrefresh”
  • Forward – “ui-icon-forward”
  • Back – “ui-icon-back”
  • Grid – “ui-icon-grid”
  • Star – “ui-icon-star
  • Alert – “ui-icon-alert”
  • Info – “ui-icon-info”
  • Home – “ui-icon-home”
  • Search – “ui-icon-search”

More info on jQuery Mobile buttons can be found on the jQuery Mobile Site here



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Released: October 2011

Let the App be your eyes and ears to the New York City you only thought you knew. Be it a beer festival, late night food spot, or your favorite band performing a secret show in Brooklyn, you no longer have to be in front of a computer to access our wealth of trusted and accurate event information.  From concerts to restaurants to local events to celebrity interviews, brings you all things New York.
jsimapps <at> gmail <dot> com
See LocalBozo and screenshots on the Android Market website:

Get LocalBozo in the Android Market:

See More at

Change Log


  • fixed day/night theme toggle
  • articles no longer reload when changing orientation!
  • now view images associated with articles in the summary!
  • bug fixes/code cleanup
  • security enhancements


  • updates to keep up with the latest Google/Android requirements
  • minor bug fixes
  • more to come!


  • New look!
  • Better for newer versions of Android
  • No Ads!


  • Initial Release!

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News Readers Changelog

Israeli, Italian, Japanese, Wrestling

Since all of the news reader apps are using the same code library and are all on the same version now, I will be updating the changelog for all the news reader apps here:



  • Added support for Nor Cal Wrestling Matters (Wrestling News)


  • Android 2.3 and higher is supported once again
  • GUI Updates
  • Fixed Day/Night Theme Toggle
  • You can now change orientation of your device while reading an article without it reloading!
  • Removed “[obj]” problem
  • See article images (when available) in the summary view
  • Security enhancements!
  • Other general bug fixes and code cleanup
  • Tutorial for new users (Android 3.0 and higher)

To see the complete change log, visit


  • fixed ANSA site (Italian News)
  • removed AKI – the site is not updating  (Italian News)
  • removed Life In Italy – RSS is no longer supported (Italian News)
  • fixed JPost Mobile Site (Israeli News)
  • removed Debka – now a paid site (Israeli News)
  • updates to keep up with the latest Google/Android requirements
  • minor bug fixes
  • more to come!


  • Tons of fixed links (Wrestling News)
  • Bug Fixes
  • E-Mail the Dev if there are problems viewing an article
  • View headlines immediately if there are no news categories


  • Fixed (Wrestling News)


  • New GUI using the new Android action bar!
  • Bug fixes galore
  • JPost Mobile Site Fix (Israeli News English)


  • General GUI fix
  • Italian News English
    • Removed support for Corriere della Sera because they are dumb and sent me a cease and desist letter in Italian. Click here to see it!


  • Removed Feedback Forum (no longer supported by Crittercism)
  • Minor bug fixes and GUI updates
  • Israeli News English
    • Jerusalem Post: Fixed links and added new feeds
    • Israel National News (Arutz Sheva): Fixed links and added new feeds
    • Israel21c: Fixed links and added new feeds
    • Added support for Debka
  • Wrestling  News
    • Added support for Wrestle Zone
    • Added support for NoDQ
  • Japanese News English
    • Added support for The Japan Daily Press


  • Added support for (thanks to a recommendation through the in-app forums) (Wrestling News)
  • Added support for The Times of Israel (thanks to a recommendation through the in-app forums) (Israeli News English)
  • Crittercism update to 2.0.1


  • Added support for and (thanks to a recommendation through the in-app forums) (Wrestling News)
  • Crittercism update to 1.2.5
  • Admob update to 4.3.1
  • Disabled Crittercism service
  • Bug fixes


  • Crittercism update to v1.1.1
  • Remove app starting on boot
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Crittercism update
  • Removed unneeded permissions


  • New feedback support via Crittercism
  • All new permissions are solely for crash and feedback support with Crittercism (


  • Removed old tabbed layout in favor of new “Night Theme” that can be selected through the app menu (for those who still like white on black)
  • Complete code rework for easy future upgrades
  • User can make suggestions to the developer through the app menu
  • Fixed a bug where an article would continue to load in the background even after the user leaves the article
  • Reduce application memory usage (app cache)
  • Remove remaining references to GrownMenWithBelts (Wrestling News)

  • Force Close bug fix when viewing Haaretz articles. (Israeli News English)
  • Users can share articles with any method available on their phone or tablet (sms, e-mail, twitter, etc…)
  • Updated Large Screen and Tablet Layouts
  • Display date and time of article in an easier to read format
  • Removed GrownMenWithBelts (Site no longer exists) (Wrestling News)
  • Increased font sizes for large screen phones and tablets for easier viewing.
  • When a connection fails, the app now returns to the previous screen for convenience
  • New Icon (Thanks Elysha Pearlman!)
  • Code cleanup
  • Fixed browser webpage viewing in new layout. (Wrestling News)
  • Fixed rotating between landscape/portrait on headlines page, no longer needs to reconnect to get already retrieved headlines
  • Fixed “refresh headlines” dialog not disappearing
  • Got rid of unnecessary code
  • Added Support for Wrestling News Online (Wrestling News)
  • Fixed browser webpage viewing in new layout. (Israeli News English)
  • Fixed small memory leak


  • All new code for better efficiency
  • Choose between the new GUI and the old one
  • Access JPost Mobile site directly from the app (Israeli News English)
  • Fix Haaretz links (Israeli News English)
  • Fix all broken links (Wrestling News)
  • Added Support for (Wrestling News)
  • Added Support for (Wrestling News)


  • Added support for (Wrestling News)


  • Supports move to SD card for Android 2.2 phones (Wrestling News)


  • Reduce file size and increase background efficiency
  • Fix problem with viewing Israel National News (Arutz Sheva) (Israeli News English)
  • Supports move to SD card for Android 2.2 phones (Israeli News English)
  • Added support for (Wrestling News)
  • Added support for Israel21c (Israeli News English)
  • Add support for (Wrestling News)
  • Ad-support and ad-free versions
  • Fixed chosen providers not remaining chosen when returning to app.
  • Fixed FC problem when returning to app from browser.
  • Fixed a minor bug.
  • Adds support for Wrestling Inc. (Wrestling News)
  • New and improved (and more realistic) icon (Italian News English)
  • Added support for Globes Business News (Israeli News English)
  • Rework of code to simplify future updates (Italian News English)
  • Added support for “Life In Italy” news site (Italian News English)
  • Fix bug where article would continue to load in background, even after the user left the page (Italian News English)
  • Added new “Night Theme” for users who like white on blac (Italian News English)
  • Added support for “NHK World” news site (Japanese News English)
  • Spelling error correction (Italian News English)
  • Added ability to submit site suggestions via the app’s  menu (Italian News English)
  • Fixed ad sizing issue (Italian News English)
  • Choose which feeds you’d like to see via preferences.
  • Fixed viewing bug.
  • Initial Release. Supports Lords of Pain and PWInsider (Wrestling News)
  • Initial Release (All but Israeli News English)
  • Added support for Israel National News (Arutz Sheva) (Israeli News English)
  • Fixed force close issue
  • Fixed force close issue
  • Initial Release (Israeli News English)

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