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Grown Men With Belts

Released: July 2011

This application is no longer available on the Android Market and it is not supported.

GrownMenWithBelts is an application I wrote to go hand and hand with a friend’s website: Unfortunately,  keeping the site updated turned out to be a big challenge and after one year, the site went down, and along with it went this app.

The app allows you to view the GMWB news feeds, Twitter posts and YoutTube channel. But the best kept secret was the ability to use your phone’s camera to take a picture of a friend and then edit that photo with championship wrestling belts and GMWB faces. Fun for all!

Below is the original website info, updated with new links.

Turn you and your friends into championship pro wrestlers!

Pro Wrestling’s Best Kept Secret.  Blog, News, Pictures, Videos and more!
grownmenwithbelts <at> gmail <dot> com
See GrownMenWithBelts on the Android Market website:
Get GrownMenWithBelts in the Android Market Right here!! (The file is available but the app is no longer supported).

Change Log:

  • Initial Release!

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Wrestling News

Released: March 2011

Current Download Count (01/18/2015): 19,672

Wrestling News  is a simple RSS reader for both pro and amateur wrestling news sites.

If you like the new version, please consider leaving good reviews

• Old GUI is deprecated but new “Night Theme” takes it’s place through the app menu (for those who still like white on black)
• Ability to share articles via your other applications
• Submit suggestions/feedback to the developer through the in-app menu

jsimapps <at> gmail <dot> com
See Wrestling News and screenshots on the Android Market website:

Get Wrestling News  in the Android Market:

Currently supports:
  • Lords Of Pain
  • PWInsider
  • Wrestling Inc.
  • Wrestling News Online
  • Wrestle Newz
  • 2XZONE
  • Wrestle Zone
  • NoDQ

Change Log

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